The   TURBAN/COLLAR is a multifaceted unit produced by the HOT ROCKS ® Company.

As a TURBAN, this unit secures at the forehead with a Velcro strap to help relieve Headache and Migraine discomfort.   This unit provides deep cellular heating in the jaw area for relief of TMJ (Transmandibular jaw) discomfort.

Worn as a COLLAR, this unit provides both the stiff support and comfort needed to promote gentle, soothing heating and healing for whiplash and neck problems.

Worn as a LEG or KNEE WRAP, this unit is excellent for hamstring, shin splints and offers complete coverage for the knees.

Easy wear ability and comforts are just a few of the benefits of the TURBAN/COLLAR.  Like  many of our HOT ROCKS ®  SIGNATURE STYLES, controlled heat, mobility, versatility, and comfort are our main objectives.  Our distinctive line of attractive fabrics help to promote the usability intended.

Just 2 minutes in most microwaves brings the TURBAN/ COLLAR to its optimum heating temperature.    It will maintain a soothing temperature for approximately 45 minutes.  This unit can be stored in the FREEZER for cold application as well.

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